Watch Samuel Ross’s latest presentation for A-COLD-WALL* SPRING/SUMMER 2022.

Art Direction by Samuel Ross
Film Directed by Will Dohrn
Styled by Robbie Spencer

Original score by Kelvin Krash and Samuel Ross

Casting by Marqee Miller

Starring Jeremiah Berko Fourdjour, Sheik Sheriff, Nino Pereira, Momo Ndiaye, Ritter Shi, Jefferson Obuseri, Otto Nahmmacher, Hamady Hiralles, Arun Gupta, Abullahi Amure, Gabriel Baldegger, Takuya Ebihara and Samuel Ross.

Movement Direction by Alexandra Green
Director of Photography Spike Morris
Hair and Makeup by Matt Mulhall
Editing by Gary Coogan
Edit House The Quarry
Colour Grade by Connor Coolbear
Grade House Electric Theatre Collective
Production by Karla Otto

Featuring Roa Hiking, RETROSUPERFUTURE and Mackintosh