A-COLD-WALL* x Dr. Martens 1406

A-COLD-WALL* partners with Dr. Martens on the 7th edition of their 1460 remastered collaboration series. “The 1460 is placed right in the middle of 20th century cultural crosshairs. It’s incredible.” - Samuel Ross, A-COLD-WALL* founder/creative director.

Available for pre-order on 20/07/2020
only on a-cold-wall.com

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Materiality & construction

Dr. Martens’ signature leather is cut in sharp, angular shapes and the boot is branded with debossed A-COLD-WALL* detailing. in lieu of eyelets and laces, the 1460 A-COLD-WALL* features a dual-branded silicone zip pull.

The 1460 A-COLD-WALL* model deconstructs the iconic boot and reimagines it in an unorthodox manner. Shattering class boundaries, the 1460 A-COLD-WALL* blends a blue-collar uniform with signature tailoring.

Product specifications

Upper: Smooth leather
Upper & lining: Leather and textile
Sole: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Zip puller: 15mm silicone injected mould
Fit: True-to-size
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