A-COLD-WALL* explores new shapes with the NC.1 in Shale, a new composition of footwear that investigates the rawness of global terrains.

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Materiality & construction

Cemented construction - which lends the NC.1 distinct comfort - allows for the slip-on sneaker to have an entirely stitch-less design. This is echoed through the blind seam rubberised leather upper and internal stretch neoprene sock.

The NC.1's form draws from rugged landscapes and technical sportswear known for combatting elemental obstacles. The shoe blends utility with A-COLD-WALL*'s design ethos, and ultimately offers an experimental take on luxury footwear.

Product specifications

Upper: 1.4mm thick calf leather
Upper & lining: 4-way stretch elastane neoprene
Sole: Thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
Treatment: Water-resistant coated leather - rubberised hand touch
Fit: True-to-size
Weight: 0.5kg per article