Founded in 2015, established through a process of fabric and material study, A-COLD-WALL* examines the codes and language of modern, luxury menswear through the lens of class, community, globalisation and modernity.

Rooted in architecture and industrial design, A-COLD-WALL* seeks to incite a progressive cultural conversation around the possibilities of modern menswear and its function within societies.

Design Process / Innovation

As brand thinking shifts towards a more mature and refined viewpoint, each season, a concise collection of sophisticated clothing will be presented clearly to the wearer, garments paying homage to material, technique and craft.

Rational, system-based design codifies the process of dressing for ease of use, discouraging overproduction and overconsumption through applied minimalist principles.

Rooted in the formalism of the male wardrobe, A-COLD-WALL* translates mature signatures into future-ready garments through the use of material innovation. Placing artisan, hand-finished techniques alongside pioneering, high-performance fabrications creates a new tier of classics. What was once a study of deconstruction is now a philosophy of growth.


A-COLD-WALL* is no longer an artistic endeavour but a maturing menswear brand focused on a knowledgeable and loyal, returning consumer. This shift in emphasis will see the brand expand its reach and visibility within the wider luxury menswear sector.

In the coming seasons, A-COLD-WALL* will embark on a number of ambitious projects to cement its status with this new marketplace. A permanent physical space in London will offer an immersive and instructive brand experience to the consumer. Physically expressing the A-COLD-WALL* narrative, this meeting point will allow for an exchange of knowledge and conversation around product and process.

In addition to existing brand case studies such as public exhibitions & runway shows, A-COLD-WALL* will offer a host of experiential events involving sound, image, film and slow fashion concepts. Further open-source projects will be activated during this next phase, sharing brand intellectual property through purchasable hardware. These efforts are designed to shift A-COLD-WALL* further towards the notion of communal entity, a radically open and unguarded interchange between wearer and maker and an exploration of the meaning of “brand” in the new age.